Lisa Binkley, cce

Film & Television Editor


Award winning film and television editor, Lisa Binkley began her career in post-production after having studied theatre and film production at U.B.C. She graduated from the Media Resources Program at Capilano University. Since then she has worked on numerous feature films, MOWs and television series.

Her work was recognized when she received a Gemini Award (CSA) for her editing of the mini-series, “Human Cargo”. This Canadian/South African co-production was directed by Brad Turner  (“Homeland” & “24”) and it received 17 Gemini Nominations and also won a Peabody Award.

Her work on MGM’s critically acclaimed science fiction series, “The Outer Limits” and Showtime’s, “The L Word” (written and produced by Ilene Chaiken) has given Lisa the opportunity to work with such directors as Marleen Gorris (Academy Award Winner – “Antonia’s Line”), Moisés Kaufman (“The Laramie Project”), Helen Shaver (“Vikings”), Lynne Stopkewich (“Kissed”), and Kimberly Peirce (“Boys Don’t Cry”).

She is currently working the SYFY Network television series called “Reginald the Vampire”, which stars Jacob Batalon, Em Haine, Mandela Van Peebles, & Savannah Basley and it is executive produced by Harley Peyton, Jeremiah Chechik, Lindsay Macadam & Todd Berger.

Lisa is a full member of IATSE 891, ACFC West and is a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In 2008, she was inducted as a full member into the Canadian Cinema Editors (cce) honourary society.